Computational knitwear!? Here's my money, you can take it all.

If you're looking for something unique as a gift, or for that unique personal flair, then look no further than KnitYak.

KnitYak started off as a kickstarter, launched by

Fabienne “fbz” Serriere, with the goal of creating generative knitwear, and wow-oh-wow was it a success.

By basing all the designs off generative algorithms, KnitYak is able to make each item a one-off.

Looking through the catalog, you can recognize some of the generative algorithms that defined the art-space, from the Mandelbrot set to the Cellular Automata. There's something very beautiful about pulling an algorithm out of the computer, and turning it into something you can physically touch and hold.

Wow, how are they making these

PortfolioDay has come and gone on twitter, here are a few favorites to brighten up your feed today.

This week saw #PortfolioDay shoot up on twitter, filling my feed with a marvelous array of talent.

It felt fitting to share a few of my favorites new follows, all people who will provide your twitter feed with a fresh boost of color, and a delightful pop of positivity.

Australian Artist Milly Que‘s illustrations are just a stunning breath of fresh air.

Geneva Bowers manages to bring life and a special sparkle of wonder into all of her work!

Cassandra Jean‘s color palettes give such mysterious energy to each and every artwork, it's like you can feel them coming to life.

More, I need more!

Now *this* is how you show off your new variable font.

Swiss type foundry Grilli Type are at it again, GT Alpina. There really is no better way to describe it than the foundy's own words:

GT Alpina by Reto Moser proudly calls itself a workhorse serif, but delights in playing with the very meaning of that concept. It reaches into the grab bag of typographic history to resurrect shapes some may mistakenly see as too expressive.

Now, for the extra icing on the cake, the font has been beautifully engineered as a beloved variable font!

And what better way to show off what a variable font can do, than a full interactive exprience.

I want to read about the experience

Who would have thought trying to guess words in a dictionary could be fun?

I love a game with a simple premise, and Guess my Word doesn't get any simpler.

Every day comes with a new word, and the rules are simple. You are trying to guess the word (a surprise, I know). As you guess a word, you will be told whether your word is above, or below it alphabetically.

The real fun is when you start narrowing in on the word, and suddenly you're pressing your brain to find out what other words could possibly be between aardvark and aargh.

Don't worry though, you'll get it in the end. It's actually kind of amazing how your brain begins to eek out words that you haven't thought of in years.

Can I compete with my friends?

This folio defines interactive design and development.

Ever see the title “interactive developer” and wonder what that really entails?

Nathan Taylor's website is a treasure trove of interactive tricks and toys that really show off his vast skillset.

From a small Pac-Man munching up letters, to a web audio synth, if you haven't clicked the link yet and checked it out, honestly you're missing out!

Any highlights?

Ascii glyphs, if you need 'em, this site has 'em.

Ever see a close button that uses the letter x rather than the glyph Γ—?

Glyphy has you covered on this front. Whether it be the correct Γ—, β˜…, or the elusive Β© … all the glyphs are just a click away!

The site is beautifully designed, the url is simple to remember, and it works super cleanly on your phone.

Who made this?