These anime disks are an aesthetic experience.

Every now and then you stumble onto a Twitter thread that is so on point, you find yourself scrolling and scrolling until you're at the very end. This is one of those times.

Jarrett Poole has put together a beautiful tweet thread that puts the disks on display, pulling you straight into the hand drawn, nostalgic anime world.

Honestly, the clips are so short I could barely recognize some of these… but I gave myself a healthy pat on the back for the few that I was able to pin down.

Seriously, just check out the thread.

Just show me more!

Does this code make sense? No, not really. But wow is this demo nice!

When it comes to fitting amazing creations into the smallest amount of code possible, I don't think there are any better than Mathieu ‘p01’ Henri… And his most recent sketch, Night Train, is no exception.

The scene, featuring a train rolling through a generative field dotted with grass and some windy trees, is really a mind blower… Especially considering the formula generating it consists of 242 characters, fitting inside the tweet!

For real though, what is that emoji doing in there?

But How?

Real time ascii rendering in a gameplay demo? Yes please.

Ascii art and imagery have been around for a long time. This silky smooth demo really shows off how nice an ascii world rendered in real-time could look.

I mean, just look at the water, it's completely mesmerizing.

The amazing creator, MrGumix on Twitter, has a feed full of great videos and demos showing off some beautiful gameplay, as well as some great callouts to other Ascii based games.

You can play the demo, Asciicker here. It's fairly simplistic gameplay wise, but at the same time shows off what can be a beautifully complex world. And for an added bonus, it runs fairly smoothly on your phone.

How is it so quick?

Ugly Gerry, a font revealing the ugly face of gerrymandering

A font created from US Congressional Districts. Amazingly, the creators have been able to rustle out every single letter of the alphabet.

The font, available here, provides the OTF files you will need to use the font. Their Twitter is also very active, with some great blasts aimed at politicians, and celebs.

Whats Gerrymandering?

When audio, poetry, and personal history make for a beautiful experience.

This interactive audiovisual album is a series of five responses to this question and an invitation to unpack the complexity of a personal history through simple controls.

Well, that is a mouthful. The project itself though is an easily digestible piece. It's full of creative audio-reactive javascript for your eyes and ears to enjoy.

Really From - by Sean Catangui

Dancemusic wtf

Hear the music, and name the genre.

Dancemusic wtf - by Mattias Hemmingsson