Are you the best, that's ever been, like no one was before?

At this point in our lives, Poke'mon is one of, and will always be one of the best selling and most popular games on existance… but with time everyone's attention fades. Still, a huge community of people stick with the game and follow it through its many stages.

For me, I fell off in the last few years… BUT!

That doesn't make this amazing quiz, POKEMON MASTER any less interesting and fun.

The idea is simple. If you've ever played the beloved “WHO'S THAT POKEMON”, well then you know all the rules. See the Pokemon. Guess the pokemon. The added complexity is that, although the pokemon isn't shaded up… the range is between literally every pokemon ever… not just the easy to guess ones.

All of this code is open source!, generously!

It's a fantastic project to look at if you're interested in Vue, as a framework. Honestly, this is a perfect example of how to make an application utilizing the many perks and strengths of Vue. If you're looking for a place to contribute, this codebase is one that might very well be the one for you!

As another perk of the open-source nature of this code, there are many translations. If you haven't come across a time when you've had to implement multiple languages in your code, this is a great example to see how it's done and how to open up the code to get others involved.

Pokemon Master