A side-project about butts. No more, no less.

I've always been a fan of the weirder side-projects that're out there.

They take you out of your comfort zone, out of your work zone, and put you in a special place where you can explore anything and everything in the world.

One morning, Pablo Stanley woke up and decided to embark on a side-project adventure. That journey was the creation of buttsss.com.

In Pablo's own words:

I doubted myself at every step, with a voice in my head telling me, “Butts? Pablo, this is terrible. Stop!”

Buttsss is not only a creative outlet, but also the world's fullest and most complete collection of illustrated butts. From the Triple Butt and Space Butt all the way to the UX Butt and the Business Butt, they're all accounted for!

Butt I haven't had enough.

The best of PlotterTwitter from January 2020.

Well, January is almost over and it's time for a recap of one of my favorite Twitter hashtags: #PlotterTwitter.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with #PlotterTwitter, it's a place for people to show off their plotter art. It has become an incredibly creative space with everyone able to see each other work and expand upon it.

And so here we are, a little recap of some of the best works in January's #PlotterTwitter!

Netpraxis created some very nice designs using moiré patterns which are complex patterns that emerge by overlaying two simple patterns on top of each other. They can look endlessly complex and simple at the same time.

Julien Gachadoat created some super clean, mechanical-esque plots. I haven't really seen anything like it.

Showing that you can find inspiration anywhere, Ruud de Rooij plotted out every single way to cross a road 7 times without crossing over your path.

Tyler Hobbs used a plotter to draw outlines of circles, and then painted the colors in by hand.

Louis Hoebregts recreated some Keith Haring works with a creative grid of swirls.

Yuin Chien plotted out 2D renderings of folded paper based on origami diagrams. With beautiful colored markers on black paper, they truly pop out of the page.

More! Give me more!

When audio, poetry, and personal history make for a beautiful experience.

This interactive audiovisual album is a series of five responses to this question and an invitation to unpack the complexity of a personal history through simple controls.

Well, that is a mouthful. The project itself though is an easily digestible piece. It's full of creative audio-reactive javascript for your eyes and ears to enjoy.

Really From - by Sean Catangui


A minimalistic, relaxing generative experience in your browser.

Bellwoods - by Matt DesLauriers

Little Big City

A neat little globe from anywhere in the world.

Little Big City - by Yi Shen

P5aholic web experiments

Incredible web experiments with canvas and P5.js

P5aholic web experiments - by P5aholic