When audio, poetry, and personal history make for a beautiful experience.

This interactive audiovisual album is a series of five responses to this question and an invitation to unpack the complexity of a personal history through simple controls.

Well, that is a mouthful. The project itself though is an easily digestible piece. It’s full of creative audio-reactive javascript for your eyes and ears to enjoy.

Really From - by Sean Catangui


A minimalistic, relaxing generative experience in your browser.

Bellwoods - by Matt DesLauriers

Little Big City

A neat little globe from anywhere in the world.

Little Big City - by Yi Shen

P5aholic web experiments

Incredible web experiments with canvas and P5.js

P5aholic web experiments - by P5aholic

Generative World Cup

Generative world cup posters.

Generative World Cup - by Zeh Fernandes

Lost Without You

Reunite two friends before time runs out in this beautifully polished game.

Lost Without You - by Jack Rugile and Nicolle Witte