Take a step back and see how other developers do it.

As someone who has been writing code for a long time, I find that I really get stuck in my ways. Over time new editors roll around, new hardware, new everything.

Uses.tech is a fantastic website by Wes Bos, providing an almanac of developers’ websites, linking out to their respective /uses pages.

What is a /uses page?

A “uses” page, in this context, is, as the website describes: a page detailing developer setups, gear, software, and configs. Still confused? Here are a few great examples.

Now, why is that useful? Well, if you’re like me and are stuck in your ways, its always healthy to take a breath and see how other people like to work. You just might learn something new!

How can I add myself?

The doodle library

An expanding collection of reusable simple drawings and doodles in a vector (SVG) format.

The doodle library - by Adi Ben Hur

Drawing Zone

Neat canvas drawing tool.

Drawing Zone - by Michael Shillingburg

Duotone Generator

A nifty tool to apply duotone effects to your images.

Duotone Generator - by Medialoot

How to Tune a Guitar

Interactive tutorial explaining whats going on when you tune a guitar.

How to Tune a Guitar - by Matthew Conlen & Alex Kale


Cool tool to help you select those perfect colors.

Pigment - by Shape Factory