What color is your name?

Synesthesia is a condition where your senses can overlap. For example, you could smell colors, or see sounds!

Bernadette has a type of synesthesia whereby letters and numbers appear as colors within her brain (grapheme-color synesthesia) and has created a lovely map of those colors so we can experience it as well.

What Color Is Your Name allows you to enter your name, and see the colors that it produces. A wonderfully simple idea grounded in Bernadette's reality.

You may be surprised by what you find. For me, I'm a long combination of blues, with a yellow flair right at the end. You can play around with random names, and also browse the projects twitter account, and see everyone sharing their colors!

The project has done a fantastic job of raising awareness of the condition, and to boot, allows you buy a beautiful clean print of whichever word you choose. Which makes for a wonderful, and unique gift as well as a perpetual talking point!

Color me interested

Computational knitwear!? Here's my money, you can take it all.

If you're looking for something unique as a gift, or for that personal flair, then look no further than KnitYak.

KnitYak started off as a kickstarter, launched by Fabienne “fbz” Serriere, with the goal of creating generative knitwear, and wow-oh-wow was it a success.

By basing all the designs off generative algorithms, KnitYak is able to make each item a one-off.

Looking through the catalog, you can recognize some of the generative algorithms that defined the art-space, from the Mandelbrot set to the Cellular Automata. There's something very beautiful about pulling an algorithm out of the computer, and turning it into something you can physically touch and hold.

Wow, how are they making these?

This emoji calendar will brighten your day, every day.

Like emoji? Like to know what date it is? Like to be happy? Perhaps Unicalendar is for you.

The Unicalendar, a minimalistic and optimistic letterpress calendar has everything you need to know, with a beautifully designed flair.

Designer Josh Williams launched the design with a tweet in early December, which was probably the best time to buy it. The second best time is now.

Using emoji to mark specific days on a calendar is a beautiful idea. The Unicalendar includes markings for a lot of important dates, from Valentine's day to Dog Appreciation day.

Tell me about the calendar...